About Mike Remshard

"When I was four years old, standing on the steps of St. Hedwig’s Church in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, I got my head stuck between the railing rungs."

"No matter how hard I tried, and no matter how hard my mom pulled, I could not get my head unstuck from the rungs. A neighbor ran home to get some vasoline and then returned to rub it all over my head and neck. That didn’t work."

"Everyone was getting upset, which of course made me more upset.  A police officer came along, looked at me, slanted his head in a puzzled manner, and left to get a crowbar.  But (luckily) before he returned, my head slipped out of the railing rungs as easily as it had slipped in."

"Now as a psychologist in my early 60’s, I often think of the image of that little boy who not only suddenly found himself in such an uncomfortable and compromising situation, but who also managed to break free with the help of family, friends and community.

I am committed to helping people through the process of getting their heads unstuck by the railing rungs of life!  When we find ourselves (feeling) trapped, it’s important to have others around who will stand by us through the creative, productive and at-times challenging process of becoming free."