Many of us experience times when our challenges can seem overwhelming, but in those moments we under-estimate our own ability to cope, to grow, and to find the help we need.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”
Albert Einstein

Therapy for Individuals & Couples

Trauma and PTSD
Grief and Loss

Couples Counseling
Relationship Issues
Family Concerns
Men’s Issues

Career and Job Stress
Self-Confidence Concerns
Adult Transitions
Shame and Guilt

How therapy works

Our sufferings initially seem like unwelcomed guests, but they also invite us to the doorstep of love, humility and healing.

The answer may involve learning new skills, disputing our reasoning, disrupting a relationship, or simply choosing to change or accept our environment.

Reading, reflecting, practicing — and being open to new experiences — can provide us with profound insight, knowledge and transformation. Because I believe therapy is as much about walking the walk as it is talking the talk.